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Poojaghar at our home gives us positive energy which is very important for our life.Our team work for it from last many years We serve peace of mind in the form of PoojaGhar, Decorative Poojaghar increase the beauty of your beautiful home and less effort to maintain it , it is very easy to clean it and occupies very small space or you can wall hang it also.
A new design in stup with quality material and beautiful design with attractive back of metal texture with blue LED increase it's beauty it's easly wall mounted and light weighted.
Wallhanging mandir Specifically designed for office Material used plywood and Vineet with metal texture and PU polish finish , Spot light and led already installed in it. So hurry up for booking.
Wall mounted and easy to maintain Pooja mandir now in very reasonable price.
Teak wood hand Carved wall hanging Poojaghar with full finish of polish , carving.
Teak wood hand Carved wall hanging namokar mantra frame with full finish of polishing texture and Led effect.
Wall hanging small wooden size mandir for Office and home purpose now avilable at Creata Poojaghar.